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Software Engineer

  • Javascript: React, State Managements, Node.js
  • Open Source (🙏 Github)
  • FP: Elm, Reason

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Headless React


It's all about render

class MyComponent extends React.Component {
  render() {
    // Render here

render: the only required method

It's all about rendering

  • Delrataive renderings
  • Not a framework but a rendering library

It's all about rendering

  • Thinking in React === Thinking about different rendering sections

It's all about rendering

  • Render based on props vs Render based on props and state
  • Statefull vs Stateless, Container vs Component, Dumb vs Smart

What if I told you, React is



What the heck does HEADLESS mean?

Headless ~ Renderless

No Rendering === No GUI

Headless in React

  • Render nothing! return null
  • Delegate rendering (Render Props) this.props.children(...args)
  • Decorating (HOC) withRouter connect

Story Time

© Merrick Christensen


Basic CoinFlip

Support images

Re-use in Blog

Bring back Tails and Heads text for SEO

  • Support 2 usecases with different implementations

Add reflip button ONLY in the app

  • Add a button to flip again on click

The co-worker disaster Happens!

Your coworker comes by and wants to re-use your CoinFlip component for new usecase <DiceRoll />

  • Totally different interface
  • Also be used in both app and blog
  • Totally different odd! (diceroll in 1/6 but coinflip is 1/2)

Now What?

  • Sorry, go dice yourself.
  • Add DiceRoll to CoinFlip too!

(🔉 Crushing barebones sound in the background)

Headless Component enters

Let's decouple the logic from rendering.

Sum up the Story

  • Probability, 1st abstraction, Headless (different odds)
  • CoinFlip and DiceRolle, 2nd abstraction, Still Headless (different implementations)
  • BlogCoinFlip, AppCoinFlip, BlogDiceRoll, AppDiceRoll


  • Separation of concerns
  • Easier to reason about
  • Easier to test
  • Decoupling === (maintainable, small learning curve)
  • Reusable, Composable
  • Scalable for change of requirements


  • Same as other abstractions
  • Implementation cost (time, code size)
  • Cost of indirection
  • Codebase learning curve

When to use?

Like any other abstractions, when the benefits weigh more than the costs.

What to cover with this pattern?

  • Declarative Side effects (fetch, logging, timers, Web Speech, Geolocation, WebRTC handlers, ...)
  • Separating Logics (Abstract logics, State moderation)
  • Declatarive data structures (Map, set, WeakMap, List)

What to cover with this pattern?

  • Declarative feedbacks (Hover, Focus, Active)
  • Declarative Form Data (!!)
  • Declarative State reducers, state selectors (Redux in React 😱)

Thanks for being patient ❤️

Main Inspiration

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